'nazi emergency' grips dresden

The city, located in the Eastern German state of Saxony, passed motion condemning neo-Nazi demonstrations and encouraging the council to seek federal funding for anti-Nazi education programs, and ban on future rallies by the far right.. ..

the myth of the nazi war machine

Below, I hope to share some astonishing statistics that show beyond a shadow of a doubt that the modern concept of Nazi military might is a myth. . ... And maybe, if we dispel the myth of Nazi industry, we can head off any future experiments in fascism and give due recognition to the..

ukrainian prime minister attends neo-nazi rock concert

His public appearances with the most notorious elements of neo- Nazi scene are meant to send signal that in implementing austerity and privatization measures he will be backed by the same violent, far-right extremist that have terrorized minorities and political opponents of Kiev government for..

the anti-nazi boycott of 1933

Immediately, members of Hitler’s Nazi Party began a campaign of violence against German Jews, socialists, communists and other Nazi opponents. ... The Nazi apparatus denounced the American complaints as slanders generated by “Jews of German origin.” ..

nazi sheikh youssef al-qaradawi

His own words demonstrate that he thinks the Nazi holocaust was “divine punishment” for the Jews and a good example for “believers” to follow, regards suicide bombing as an act of martyrdom, supports the Iranian fundamentalist Islamist theocracy, calls for prohibiting free expression which is..

the nazi census and a quiet hero

Carmille, member of French Intelligence Service and Marco Polo of French Resistance, then sabotaged Nazi census. ... By step implemented the new, In 1930s and 0s Germany, demagogue amassed power and step Nazi state, beginning with the use of Nazi census to identify and remove..

the august 23rd communist-nazi alliance

On August 23, 1939 Nazi Germany signed pact with Soviet Union, uniting two evils in alliance that would launch the most human history. ... Further clauses of Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact allowed Nazi Germany to raw materials from Soviet Union while Soviets received military equipment and other..

what an empire built on nazi collaboration says about our

What an Empire Built on Nazi Collaboration Says About Our Economy . By . admin . ... The owners behind JAB Holding Company — the German firm that owns or controls Krispy Kreme; Panera Bread; several coffee brands, including Keurig Green Mountain, Peet’s and Caribou; Pret a Manger and Einstein..

nazi crimes prosecutor: ′time is running out′

Bringing suspected participants in Nazi to justice is meaningful response to these national mass crimes, says the chief prosecutor.. ... anti-Semitic Goebbels was responsible for making sure single, iron-clad Nazi message reached every citizen of Third Reich. ..

10 nazi scientists who survived the war

Rather Loucks was drawn to this Nazi war criminal for his close connections with Heinrich Himmler and his knowledge of the gases used by Third Reich during the war... ... Next to Wernher von Braun, Kurt Debus is the most former Nazi to grace the ranks of American hall of fame. ..

nazi issue haunts vote in germany

Nazi Issue Haunts Vote In Germany . . March 17, 1990 | By J. Craig Crawford Sentinel Washington Bureau . ... Germany's long history of isolation from, and hostility toward, the outside world helped produce the Nazi regime, historians say. . . 1 | 2 | Next . . . ..

nazi hunter: criminals still face trial

NORTH MIAMI -- Several hundred suspected Nazi war criminals are under in United States, Nazi hunter said Monday.. ... Eyewitnesses have helped Office of Special Investigations to win except two of the 60 cases prosecuting Nazi criminals in the past decade, said Einhorn.. ..

nazi hunter`s message: never forget

Nazi Hunter`s Message: Never Forget . . November 6, 1985 | By Peter Aronson, Staff Writer . ... Since then, he has devoted his life to tracking Nazi war criminals. He has brought to trial more than 1,100, including Adolph Eichmann, who was hanged in Israel in 1961. . . . . . ..

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