wwii: russia’s epic role in nazis’ defeat

The Battle of Stalingrad was brutal military campaign between Russian forces and those of Nazi Germany and Axis powers during World War II.. The truth holds without the remarkable efforts of Soviet Union on Eastern Front, United States and Great Britain would have been hard-pressed to score..

german court closes case of former death-camp guard

MUENSTER, Germany - Germany has closed the trial against 95-year-old former guard at Nazi death camp almost ending one of the last such Holocaust prosecutions.. ... During the trial, the wheelchair-bound man told the court that he had never been Nazi and that he was not indifferent to..

us-funded ukrainian radio defends neo-nazi group, deletes

From C14 yobs working with pro-Western minister, to Azov Battalion working with intelligence agencies and being incorporated into Ukrainian National Guard, Ukraine has Nazi problem on its hands.. Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty, funded by US Congress, runs lengthy article to defend C14 neo-..

capitalism and race redux

The science that supported forced sterilization, eugenics, was founded in U.S and it formed the basis of Nazi eugenics program. ... The strategy for obscuring the relation of American to Nazi atrocities was to pose ideology as the cause of European fascism. ..

nazi crimes prosecutor: ′time is running out′

Bringing suspected participants in Nazi to justice is meaningful response to these national mass crimes, says the chief prosecutor.. ... anti-Semitic Goebbels was responsible for making sure single, iron-clad Nazi message reached every citizen of Third Reich. ..

race regimes

In Hitler's American Model The United States and Making of Nazi Race Law, James Q. ... My purpose is to chronicle this neglected history of Nazi efforts to mine American race law for inspiration during the making of Nuremberg Laws, and to ask what it about Nazi Germany, about the..

memoirs of the nuremberg trial's 'voice of doom'

The extraordinary memoirs of the interpreter at Nuremberg Trials have come to light revealing for the time some of the final thoughts of defeated Nazi leaders.. ... Mr Frank, who fled to England from Nazi Germany two years left his all possessions including his memoirs to close friend..

10 nazi scientists who survived the war

Rather Loucks was drawn to this Nazi war criminal for his close connections with Heinrich Himmler and his knowledge of the gases used by Third Reich during the war... ... Next to Wernher von Braun, Kurt Debus is the most former Nazi to grace the ranks of American hall of fame. ..

nazi issue haunts vote in germany

Nazi Issue Haunts Vote In Germany . . March 17, 1990 | By J. Craig Crawford Sentinel Washington Bureau . ... Germany's long history of isolation from, and hostility toward, the outside world helped produce the Nazi regime, historians say. . . 1 | 2 | Next . . . ..

nazi hunter: criminals still face trial

NORTH MIAMI -- Several hundred suspected Nazi war criminals are under in United States, Nazi hunter said Monday.. ... Eyewitnesses have helped Office of Special Investigations to win except two of the 60 cases prosecuting Nazi criminals in the past decade, said Einhorn.. ..

nazi hunter`s message: never forget

Nazi Hunter`s Message: Never Forget . . November 6, 1985 | By Peter Aronson, Staff Writer . ... Since then, he has devoted his life to tracking Nazi war criminals. He has brought to trial more than 1,100, including Adolph Eichmann, who was hanged in Israel in 1961. . . . . . ..

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