nato – no need – nato-exit: the florence

Officially it was called The International Conference on 70th Anniversary of NATO, sponsored by Italian No War No NATO Committee, Global Research of Canada and International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons. ... NATO-driven Cold War, nuclear threat towards Soviet Union, was..

nato in crisis

In 1949, with the debris of WWII still clogging German cities, Western nations led by United States and Great Britain formed North Atlantic Treaty Organization. ... The goal of spending 2 percent of GDP on defense first agreed upon by country leaders at NATO..

is nato needed in today’s international order?

European after WWII benefited from NATO. Europe needs to depend on its own forces of security, strengthen EU's autonomy and help the bloc avoid complete dependence on the alliance with the US. ... for Poland and other countries that have joined or wish to join NATO, the organization..

can nato survive the age of trump and putin?

From Russian perspective, what mattered was the admission of Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic on the anniversary of NATO April 1999. In Moscow, however, the enlargement was depicted just when fellow Slavs Belgrade were being bombed by Moscow's NATO partners in effort to stop Kosovo.. ..

a brief history of nato, from truman to trump

Even Poles, Hungarians, and Czechs began campaign for NATO.. Milošević's troops were committing massacres and evicting tens of thousands of Kosovars into the neighboring country of Macedonia, creating disaster on both sides of the border and the destabilization of Macedonia itself.. ... ..

-nato threats

European Parliament's resolution repeats, in its content and its words, the accusations made by United States and NATO against Russia. ..

nato in the age of putin and trump

From Russian perspective, what mattered was the admission of Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic on the anniversary of Nato April 1999. In Moscow, however, the enlargement was depicted just when fellow Slavs Belgrade were being bombed by Moscow's Nato partners in effort to stop Kosovo.. ..

permanent war: congress forbids nato withdrawal

Permanent War Congress Forbids NATO Withdrawal.. The Democrat-controlled House followed Senate in passing legislation forbidding the president from withdrawing from NATO and affirming undying US support for Cold War alliance. ... The Permanent War Congress Forbids..

nato in a new era

Trump stated that America's NATO allies do not pay their share of the budget, putting too much of NATO's financial burden on United States. Will be the impact of Trump's criticism along with reduction of the proportion of U.S spending on NATO weaken NATO.. ..

nato - topic: collective defence

NATO has taken defence measures on several occasions, for in response to Syria and in the wake of Russia-Ukraine crisis.. ... including brutal attacks by ISIL and other terrorist groups across several continents, NATO has implemented the biggest increase in since Cold War. ..

us-led nato rehearses war on russia

Trident Juncture has nothing to do with military preparedness against attack on one or more NATO countries, everything to do with rehearsing war, Russia the unnamed enemy, Pentagon commanders directing the exercise.. ... In recent years, US-led NATO increased its military presence near..

russia vows military response to nato

Russia's Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko ©AP Russia has denounced decision by NATO to expand its Eastern Europe, threatening to take measures against the Western military build-up on its borders. . Russia's Ambassador to NATO Alexander Grushko said on Friday that ..

nato position on russia very contradictory’

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg gestures during meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda on May 30, 2016 Belweder Warsaw Embed.. ... Press TV  Terms like Russia's and stability beyond NATO's borders they pretty much allude to what is expected to be the main aim of the upcoming..

russia keeps countering nato build-up

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu says North Atlantic Treaty Organization 's growing military build-up Europe, specially on its eastern frontier with Russia, necessitates response from..

trump denounces germany and europe at nato summit

NATO summit opened Brussels in atmosphere, as US President Donald Trump denounced Germany and other European countries in NATO alliance. ... whether NATO summit collapses what is clear is that relations between the major military and economic powers breaking down.. ..

trump to meet with nato heads, then putin

By delivering fresh broadsides against, In the run-up to his trip, the president did little to ease European concerns NATO, intergovernmental military alliance of 29 North American and European countries aimed at countering Russian aggression... ... He added that it would go long way to..

nato agrees to limit its attacks

John Allen, American who commands Western forces Afghanistan -- reflects changing between Afghan and NATO force. ... Also Sunday, North Atlantic Treaty Organization force reported the death of in southern Afghanistan from insurgent attack. ..

powell reassures russia on nato

NATO ministers also issued statement calling for coordination against terrorism, and the new members expressed enthusiastic support for NATO Iraq... ... But NATO, is requiring U.N resolution authorizing it to take on role leaving open the possibility for renewed debate. ..

gorbachev yields germany to nato

MOSCOW — In concession to West, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev on Monday dropped his objection to Germany choosing to be member of NATO.. ... Gorbachev had been persuaded to change his mind on Germany's being member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization..

soviets, west germans edge closer on nato

Moscow has opposed Germany's becoming in North Atlantic Treaty Organization, composed of Canada, United States and West European countries.. West German diplomats said Moscow's pending request for aid from West and Gorbachev's over Kremlin conservatives may have helped..

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