the rising crisis between the united states and iran

Iran has three levels of action at hand in the nuclear realm (in ascending order of risk): a. undermining the JCPOA through minor breaches, inter alia by increasing the scope of uranium enrichment or boosting the level of enrichment; b. leaving the agreement and resuming broad nuclear activity, while..


Until now, Iran was allowed to ship low-enriched uranium produced at Natanz to Russia before it hit the 300-kg limit and the US measure leaves no way for Tehran other than exceeding the ceiling for storing the violation of the nuclear deal.. ..

the iran nuclear deal: a timeline

[fn]As of November 2018, Iran had 122.8 metric tonnes of heavy water (having shipped out 1.7 tonnes and using 1.5 metric tonnes for research activities since August) and 149.4kg of uranium enriched to 3.67 per cent.Hide Footnote Iran operated no more than 5,060 IR-1 centrifuges at Natanz and no more..

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