nafta’s economic impact

North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, is accord negotiated by the governments of Canada, Mexico, and United States that entered into force January 1994. ... study led by CEPR Mark Weisbrot estimates that NAFTA put almost two Mexican..

factchecking trump's immigration address

But economists that while the agreement is slightly more advantageous deal for U.S than its predecessor, the North American Free Trade Agreement, it wo not generate enough additional federal revenues to pay for the border wall, and should not be construed as..

sunset for liberal democracy – george monbiot

The candidate, Andres Lopez Obrador, has expressed hostility to Nafta, so it had to be done before the people cast their vote. ... As result, Canadian government cannot adhere to both its commitments under Paris on climate change and its commitments under North American..

the trump effect on mexico’s political scene

Especially build border wall and toss out North American Free Trade Agreement, questions of U.S.- Mexico and Mexican sovereignty will play much bigger roles in the next presidential and Mexican elections than in previous ones. ... Mexican academic also..


American ...

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