germany: nest of middle eastern spies

Foreign intelligences services, especially those from Turkey, Syria and Iran, have increased their activities Germany during the past 12 months, presented on June 27 by Germany's Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and Thomas Haldenwang, president of Germany's BfV intelligence agency. ..


Deal of the Century is to serve Zionists interests, the same way Balfour Declaration and Sykes Picot agreement started the in early 20th century.. ..

crusade of tears -

However young man or girl from California, London, Berlin or Toronto, with smile, is ready to walk into the paws of two-legged bearded predators with Kalashnikov and Koran in their hands.. ..


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Pakistani security forces arrested hundreds of Islamic hard-liners, sealed off the capital and used gunfire and tear gas Sunday to quell protests against caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.. ..


Israel ...

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