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Our world is plagued with anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim hatred, attacks against Christians, and other religious groups. ... After the meeting, our world is plagued with anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim hatred, attacks against Christians, and other religious groups. ..

muslims "lagging behind" :: daniel pipes

The gradual process of improvement of conditions for Christians and Jews under Islam was regretted by Muslim scholars. For example request for fatwa from Egyptian Muslim judge in 1772 lamented the deplorable innovations of Christians and Jews, all violation of Islamic..

elites for an evil empire

Now, the extensive forced medical examinations of both Muslim Uyghurs and house- Christians suggest that the regime may well be planning to profit next from further acts of what can constitute the crime of genocide.. ..

jihad against churches

They brand as racists and Islamophobes those who point out that the number of Islamist attacks on Christian churches and religious symbols Europe tracks the dramatic increase of migrants from Muslim-majority terrorist-prone countries.. ... In Nigeria, ISIS-linked Boko Haram terrorist..

the white nationalist fantasy of ancient

These men represent the Christian West in a clash of civilizations with the Muslim East. ... Men of power developed these Christian and Muslim discourses of difference in order to police border-crossings, to block the bridges between Muslims and Christians that..

fact check: did 'muslim militants' kill 120

Nigeria has claimed thousands of lives recent years, particularly during escalation of the in 2019 especially Kaduna State, where dozens of mostly Christian Adara were reported to have been killed February and March by mostly Muslim Fulani militants.. ..

of mice and men

Religious persecution of Christians and their Muslim sympathizers on real or perceived charges of blasphemy continue to escalate, of Pakistan pawn in the hands of few bigots and their numerous supporters. ..

pakistan – bosnewslife – christian news agency

LAHORE, PAKISTAN ( BosNewsLife)-- A young Christian woman has died in Pakistan's second largest city Lahore after she was disfigured with acid and set alight for refusing to marry a Muslim man, Christians and rights activists confirmed Tuesday, April 24. . . . . . by . ... LAHORE, PAKISTAN..

how many christians are there in egypt?

Pew Forum's recent report on The Future of Global Muslim Population estimated that approximately 95% of Egyptians were Muslims in 2010.. According to news reports, for example, some Egyptian Christians have complained that they are listed on identity cards as Muslims.. ..

christian writer: we should welcome muslim

Finally, Christian is advocating for Muslim immigrants to come to America.. so they have better chance of converting to Christianity.. ... There are parallels and crossovers Muslim and Christian scriptures, and how many Christians are aware of Muslim..

new genocide in nigeria

Christian leaders Nigeria stated July that Fulani herdsmen alone had killed 6,000 Christians  The Fulani are the tip of the spear for Muslim into Christian heartland in the south of Nigeria  They their cattle onto the farms of Christians, destroying their crops. ... ..

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