And then Donald Trump became president, man who had called for shutdown of Muslim immigration and suggested that the children of Muslim- American parents were responsible for terrorist attacks, that Arab- Americans had cheered Sept 11 attacks, that for Muslims there is no real..

two muslim men from texas say american airlines

The men say American Airlines discriminated against them Saturday for appearing Muslim and Middle Eastern during flight from Birmingham, Alabama, that was headed to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.. ... In June, Miami doctor was removed from American flight for his Arab..

the hard white wall of hypocrisy

At press conference on Tuesday, President Donald Trump released tirade of nonsensical statements after he was asked whether United States should reconsider its policies toward Israel after the country refused entry to two Muslim American U.S congresswomen. ..

james kirchick, author at tablet magazine

Forget the hysterics and the apologies CIA agent had the temerity to express all-too-common view about Jewish influence over American politics... Muslim American activist speaks at CUNY, where the twisted, anti-Semitic of the new left is that to be good progressive, one must..

do suit-wearing jihadis own the fbi?

FBI failed to intercede against Fort Hood Major Nidal Malik Hasan as result of its correct strategy of reaching out to suspect Islamic groups and clerics instead of combating head-on the Muslim in United States... Hamas Nihad Awad and other leaders of Hamas CAIR, leaders of Muslim..

jamil al-amin goes to jail :: daniel pipes

Sep 15, 2006 update My original article documented the bevy of Islamist organizations that turned out for Al-Amin, including CAIR, Islamic Society of North America, and Muslim American Society. Now, Steven Emerson reveals that Muslim Public Affairs Council did as well, in the..

responsibly reporting on american muslim communities

The workshop, co-facilitated by ISPU director of communications Katherine  Coplen, closed out Pulitzer Center's Beyond Religion conference on Sunday, June 9, 2019, with data-driven, actionable insights for journalists and conscientious news audiences when it comes to producing and consuming stories about..

american muslim poll 2019

To fill the widespread gaps knowledge about Muslim American citizens, including their positive effect on the country, Muslims for American Progress project quantified the contributions of Muslim Americans in the state of Michigan. ... American Muslim..

it's time to kiss -

The war on America being waged by Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots including ISNA and CAIR is being facilitated by American greed and by the anti- American pro- Muslim American history Barack Hussein Obama. ... Obama invited Muslim Brotherhood..


TEHRAN - The US House of Representatives passed resolution condemning bigotry and hate after backlash from number of factions across Democratic Party forced changes to bill that focused on anti-Semitism and remarks about Israel by Muslim American congresswoman... ..

the handmaiden of empire

In 2013, Muslim American Omid Safi called for Muslims to boycott State Department and White House Iftar dinners during Muslim holy month of Ramadan, ceased all extra-judicial drone assassinations, and ended all surveillance and racial profiling policies against Muslims. . ..

john rossomando

Two of American Muslim community's most notable antisemites recently teamed up for fundraiser benefiting Council on American Islamic Relations San... who's who of anti-Israel leaders in US Muslim community recently mourned the death of Ishaq al-Farhan, the co-founder of..

the american muslim (tam)

Nezar Hamze is both Muslim American who is the director of the South Florida of the Council on American- Islamic Relations and Republican. ...   — He told New Hampshire that Muslim immigrants in U.S left their home countries because of law, adding that law is incompatible..

obama: 'un-american' not to take in more muslim

So, to be clear, it's un- American to accept Christian refugees from region of the world despite the heightened risk of terrorism from Muslim refugees. But it's American for State Department to consider ruling that Christians living under ISIS rule are not victims of genocide,..

muslim-american leaders meet with obama at white

Other Muslim-American advocates who attended the meeting were former residents of Detroit, Maya Berry, director of the Arab-American Institute, and Sherman Jackson, professor. ... She suggested that White House hold summit for Muslim-American youths similar to one it..

playwright unveils muslim women

One of the in my play that I wanted to show American audience is that Muslim women are, and that is why I chose to create five very different Muslim women.. ... o Shabana, Malik portrays Middle Eastern Muslim, black woman born in United States, Moroccan- American..


Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American- Islamic Relations, said the council would invariably clash with the government over civil liberties. ... Indeed, criticism from Muslims such as Jasser was providing others with opportunity to advance agenda that is hostile to..

u.s. thinks seattle holds terrorist cell

In June, U.S authorities were alerted to suspicions that American Muslim along with his brother -- also Muslim convert -- could be traveling together and seeking to locate possible sites for terrorist operation.. In November 1999, American Muslim converts with..

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