a women’s victory

Muslim women aren’t allowed to marry more than one husband at a time. ... Other than Muslim countries, it is mostly forbidden, but even in countries where polygamy is illegal, men secretly indulge in it by keeping one or more mistresses, whom they do not marry. ..

women and the far right – international socialism

Analysis of the Tell Mama (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) project in Britain, which monitors and collates reports of anti-Muslim hate crimes “revealed that women were responsible for 18 percent of online incidents” reported to it. ... This term has become used solely to describe child..


Today, we are powerful and mighty and we do not want to launch war against any country except we are ready to knock the enemies down peg and this preparedness has made the enemy concerned and harassed, said General Zirahi. ..

seven killed as mass demos rock sudan

Seven people were killed Sunday as tens of thousands of Sudanese protesters took to the streets to demand civilian rule in the first mass since bloody crackdown on demonstrators show of power despite troop deployments by the ruling generals.. ..

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