take ongoing protests 'seriously': opp to govt

Major parties Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan People's Party Thursday advised the government to take the ongoing protests against the acquittal of Asia Bibi by Supreme Court in blasphemy case 'seriously, as National Assembly, while setting aside the agenda, took up the matter for..

self-appointed warders of religion

In Urdu media outlets, mosque sermons and in mass rallies, Asia Bibi's case became national symbol of defiance and asserting Muslim supremacy over 'the other Christianity symbolised West, the US drone attacks, and Taseer was part of English-speaking elite. ..

malaysia chronicle

PETALING JAYA The Islamic Renaissance Front has hit out at Malay and Muslim groups. ... Malay and Muslim groups such including provisions to allow quotas in public institutions, as spelt out Article 153 of Federal Constitution.. ..

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In Pakistan, for instance, the country’s highest court overturned the conviction of Asia Bibi, a Christian mother who wallowed in jail for almost ten years on death row because of a dispute that resulted in an accusation of blasphemy when she drank water from a common well used by Muslim women. . ..

germany celebrates charlemagne

Europeans have been besieged by immigrants from the Middle East, growing Muslim populations within their midst, cityscapes filling with mosques and minarets, portions of their cities turning into Muslim enclaves that local police dare not enter, even Islamic terrorist attacks. . ..

the new jihad: more threatening than ever

Muslim Brotherhood, the Sunni Islamist organization, has never rejected violence, and says it prefers da'wa to attain in Muslim world and beyond. ... Muslim Brotherhood has, addition, created vast networks of mosques and schools that recruit, that the future of Western Europe..


Elsewhere, Jahangiri stressed the need for Algeria to play more in the regional issues, and said, We expect Algeria to play more influential and in the regional issues, and Muslim world are facing..        ... ..

media urge audiences to vote democrat

Saudi crown prince accused Khashoggi of being in Muslim Brotherhood . ... Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accused dissident and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi of being part of the Muslim Brotherhood during a phone call last month with White House senior adviser Jared..

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