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The museum has neither withdrawn its original statement nor replied directly to these scholars, but on July 18 it issued a clarification of its mission and work. . ... Does the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have more standing to adjudicate in such debates than members of Congress,..

1989: the end of what?

It was agrarian reform, the egalitarian redistribution of lands which won Russian and Chinese for the cause of socialism and it obliterated the source of injustice, the large landed estates, hated for millennia together with the most hated class, the aristocracy. ..

skeletons reveal genetic history of ancient rome

Additional researchers from Sapienza University of Rome; University College Dublin; the University of Vienna; the University of Torino; the University of Pisa; the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities; the University of Coimbra; the Superintendent for Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for..

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