mueller prosecutors: trump did obstruct justice

On March 24, without consulting with Mueller, Attorney General William Barr declared that in the absence of judgment by Mueller he, the attorney general, had taken it upon to make that determination in summary he sent to Congress. ... To determine whether there was an obstructive act in..

five critical takeaways from the mueller report

Volume II discusses 11 alleged instances of obstruction, covering, among other subjects, the firing of former FBI Director James Comey May 2017, and the president's June 2017 to then-White House counsel Donald McGhan to fire Mueller — McGhan refused to carry out, fearing another. ..

rating the mueller report

I do not know what the number for the hardcore politically America is, except I'm betting the million watching Mueller coverage on Thursday is not far off. ... related piece of news both O'Rourke and Warren campaigns are getting almost no questions about Mueller report on the campaign..

here’s the mueller report

The DoJ has just released the version of Mueller Report, here it is https www justice storage report pdf.. The Here's Mueller Report appeared first on Antiwar com Blog... ..

mueller report exposes all the president’s liars

Days later, when Mueller was appointed special counsel, White House officials told reporters that Trump was undisturbed by the development. ... Mueller’s report includes new details on how Cohen prepared his false congressional testimony about plans for a Trump Tower in Moscow. . . . ..

us media reinterpret mueller report findings

Mueller report is the opposite of exoneration, saying.. Fact Despite his culpability for high crimes, Trump did nothing to interfere with Mueller's probe or House and Senate ones. By most media wanting, Dems wo not let go, intending to politicize Mueller report to their..

what the mueller report says about obstruction

By publicly announcing that the Before Comey's May 3, 2017, Trump had said it would be the last straw if Comey did not take the opportunity to set the straightPresident was not under investigation, Mueller report says, citing then- White House counsel McGahn.. ... According to Sessions, the..

release of mueller report, viewer reaction

April 18, 2019 Open Phones on Release of Mueller Report, Part 1. Telephone lines and media were open for comments on the release of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on... April 18, 2019 Open Phones on Release of Mueller Report, Part 2. 9 2 1. ..

mueller, russiagate, and fake politics

Mueller, Russiagate, and Fake Politics. Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in Presidential Election has been written, and is in the hands of Attorney General William Barr. ... Barr restates the point of the cited conclusion from Mueller Report number of times. ..

trump is still afraid of mueller report

Believes that there is no in this regard, and Mueller has acquitted him of the charge of collusion with Russians in the election of 2016.. recent report from New York Times shows that the controversy over the report of Mueller Inspector General in United States has just begun.. ..

digesting the barr summary

Without interviewing the president, it seems impossible for either Mueller or Barr to determine his intent. And the president, despite his personal promise to submit to Mueller interview, instead evaded it. ..

mueller finds no trump-russia conspiracy

Democrats, however, wanted to Mueller's report for themselves as they launch congressional investigations of their own into the election and Trump's business and financial dealings.. ... Mueller ended his investigation on Friday including Russian agents and former key allies of Trump,..

the mueller report

In today's podcast, we look at Mueller Report. What do we know, what do not we know, what does it mean for Trump, and what it means for Democrats going forward.. ...  , Robert Mueller... John Aravosis is Executive Editor of AMERICAblog, which he founded in 2004. ..

trump, the mueller report, and democracy

The controversies surrounding Mueller investigation, and the scurrilous and behavior it has disclosed, have always been part of this much broader process of politically opposing Trump and of seeking to end or at least mitigate the conditions that helped bring him to power.. ... David Remnick's New..

what could be in the mueller report?

On Friday afternoon, special counsel Robert Mueller submitted his long-awaited report to Attorney General William Barr with results of his investigation into any potential links between President Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian government, and other related matters. ... Trump aides Six Trump..

obligatory mueller report tsn

Special counsel Robert Mueller's much-anticipated report the product of nearly two years of investigation will not include any further indictments, according to Department of Justice official.. ... Barr will then send what he has described as his own report on Mueller to Democrats and..

mueller report: what comes next?

On March 22, Special Counsel Robert Mueller signaled the end of his nearly two-year probe, to the head of Justice Department, Attorney General William Barr.. Regardless, the findings of Mueller report will play big part in determining the fate of the next two years of Trump's..

mueller time?

And third, Trump completed set of written answers to Mueller's questions... Hmmm so Trump's answers were predicated on what he knew Manfort had told Mueller team. ..

two key answers from trump to mueller

This is the insight into how President responded to Mueller team's written questions -- unknown as Mueller aims to wrap up his investigation and prepare his final report... ... Stone's denial matches with what Trump told Mueller that the two never spoke about WikiLeaks.. ..

senate attempt to protect mueller gets a boost

Dianne Feinstein of California, Democrat on the judiciary panel, said she supported the effort to protect Mueller, and needed time to review the legislation and asked it be considered next week. ... McConnell on Tuesday said there is no need to vote on the bill because he does not believe Trump..


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