indict or shut up: the public may never see the mueller

Almost from of Robert Mueller's appointment as special counsel, the media and the public have expected that his investigation will end with report to either Congress or the public or both.. ... Special counsel Robert Mueller leaves after closed meeting with members of Senate Judiciary..

presstv-‘mueller should be probed for destroying fbi

PressTV-'Mueller should be probed for destroying FBI evidence. special counsel Robert Mueller should be investigated for the destruction of FBI evidence in Russia case in 2019.. ... Mueller was appointed by US Justice Department to lead the probe week after Trump had fired FBI..

mueller time?

And third, Trump completed set of written answers to Mueller's questions... Hmmm so Trump's answers were predicated on what he knew Manfort had told Mueller team. ..

two key answers from trump to mueller

This is the insight into how President responded to Mueller team's written questions -- unknown as Mueller aims to wrap up his investigation and prepare his final report... ... Stone's denial matches with what Trump told Mueller that the two never spoke about WikiLeaks.. ..

america lost

Look first for indictment against radio Jerome Corsi, the world last week that Mueller has informed him that he will be charged with some form of lying to Mueller team... Another augury of blockbuster developments Mueller last week filed in District of Columbia court that is..

senate attempt to protect mueller gets a boost

Dianne Feinstein of California, Democrat on the judiciary panel, said she supported the effort to protect Mueller, and needed time to review the legislation and asked it be considered next week. ... McConnell on Tuesday said there is no need to vote on the bill because he does not believe Trump..

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