deadly ambush shows mexico lost control of area

COLONIA LEBARON, Mexico — Mexican Army, National Guard and Sonora state police were not there to protect them. Belongings stained with blood are seen inside vehicle that members of LeBaron were traveling in, parked on Bavispe, at Sonora- Chihuahua, Mexico, Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019. .. original -

The Switch 'Liberal Thought Police and Endless War.. by Thomas Knapp 1 Comment on Mexico One Failed US War Doesn't Justify Another On November 4, ten US-Mexican citizens members of sect of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints died in highway ambush, apparently the latest casualties of rampant..

trump ready to help mexico “wage war” on cartels

President Donald Trump on Tuesday offered to help Mexico wage war on its cartels after three women and six children from American Mormon community were murdered in area notorious for drug traffickers.. ... This is the time for Mexico, with the help of United States, to WAR on the drug..

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