trump announces tariffs on mexico starting june 10

On June, United States will impose Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, and into our Country, STOP, Trump tweeted.. ... it's not clear how that would affect United States- Mexico-Canada trade deal, which the administration is pushing Congress to ratify... ..

over 100 central american migrants detained in northern

MEXICO CITY - Mexican police and federal officials on Saturday detained 107 Central American migrants seeking to enter United States in the city of Reynosa, of Tamaulipas said.. ... Mexico's new government has pledged to regulate and stem the flows of people moving from Central America to..

1968 in méxico, and 50 years later

The clashes engulfed the area, including the high schools of the National Autonomous University of México, just one block from Zócalo.. ... It's no exaggeration to say that much of what is happening today is rooted in the joyful and heady days making the tremble and calling on the people to join..

mexico: 40,000 factory workers on strike in tamaulipas

Thousands of workers from maquiladoras went on strike simultaneously across dozens of factories in the municipality of Matamoros, demanding from their union leaders (mostly controlled by the Confederation of Workers of Mexico) clear information on the negotiation process over Collective Contracts and..

mexico: the ongoing crime

We returned to Mexico the month with our files for 14 cases involving 41 victims. ... The next article in this series will explore further the cruelty of Mexico's mishandling of its disappearance crisis, and how the responses of the families, could have transformative impact on the rule..

caravans threaten mexico-u.s. detente

Mexico's President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador attends Mexico City, Mexico September 29, 2018. ... Trump tried to use security to extract concessions in the revamp of North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico and Canada agreed new on Sept 30.. ..

mexico: torture and historical truth

. © 2014 YURI CORTEZ AFP Getty Images This article was published in El Universal Mexico. ... The fact that this atrocity has yet to be resolved, is just one manifestation of Mexico's broader failure to provide truth and justice to the many thousands of families. ..

amlo and the state of mexico

Mexico has militarized its southern border with Guatemala at the behest of United States, trying to prevent migrants from Central America from crossing into Mexico. ... as thousands of people poured into the main square Mexico City to López Obrador and celebrate his victory, I..


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