california governor to pull national guard members from

Gavin Newsom on Monday will order the removal of roughly 360 National Guard members from California's southern boundary with Mexico, repudiating President Trump's of influx of Central American refugees and migrants as security crisis.. ... Xavier Becerra warned that he is prepared to take Trump to..

mexico: 40,000 factory workers on strike in tamaulipas

Thousands of workers from maquiladoras went on strike simultaneously across dozens of factories in the municipality of Matamoros, demanding from their union leaders (mostly controlled by the Confederation of Workers of Mexico) clear information on the negotiation process over Collective Contracts and..

mexico: lessons from a human rights catastrophe

In March 2015, two years into Enrique Peña Nieto's presidency, the UN rights Juan Méndez reported that torture was generalized Mexico. ... Attorney's General office's agents embark into car some of the 27 policemen involved in attack against students Iguala and presented to Mexico City..

caravans threaten mexico-u.s. detente

Mexico's President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador attends Mexico City, Mexico September 29, 2018. ... Trump tried to use security to extract concessions in the revamp of North American Free Trade Agreement, Mexico and Canada agreed new on Sept 30.. ..

mexico ruling backs same-sex couple

The ruling rejected Foreign Affairs Ministry's argument that New York couple suffered no true harm as they could go to Mexico City to get married there.. Supreme Court of Justice ruling found that constitutional principles of equality and nondiscrimination require all states Mexico to..

mexico: torture and historical truth

. © 2014 YURI CORTEZ AFP Getty Images This article was published in El Universal Mexico. ... The fact that this atrocity has yet to be resolved, is just one manifestation of Mexico's broader failure to provide truth and justice to the many thousands of families. ..

amlo and the state of mexico

Mexico has militarized its southern border with Guatemala at the behest of United States, trying to prevent migrants from Central America from crossing into Mexico. ... as thousands of people poured into the main square Mexico City to López Obrador and celebrate his victory, I..

mexico supreme court rules military policing law

Mexico's highest court ruled on Thursday that the country's enacted military policing law was unconstitutional.. Mexico passed Internal Security Law December 2017, establishing framework for employing the army and in place of civilian police forces order to combat increasing in the..

1968 in méxico, and 50 years later

The clashes engulfed the area, including the high schools of the National Autonomous University of México, just one block from Zócalo.. ... It's no exaggeration to say that much of what is happening today is rooted in the joyful and heady days making the tremble and calling on the people to join..

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