the mexican as endangered species

Ronald Takaki A Different Mirror A History of Multicultural America, the white settlers, conjunction with slave owners, engaged warfare against Mexican government and annexed Texas in 1836 as The Republic of Texas. ... In short, it's overdue for all individuals of Mexican origin and our..

h-2 visas reduced mexican illegal immigration

Much of this decline is due to Mexican enforcement prompted by President Trump's threat of imposing tariffs on Mexican imports if they do not reduce the surge of Central Americans from Northern Triangle.. ... That would increase Mexican illegal immigration.. ..

desperation and fear on the mexican border

Asylum seekers in need of shelter outnumber available beds in Ciudad Juarez 11 to 1, though one Mexican official told me that 20 to 30 percent of those waiting had already left with plans to try to cross the border between the ports of entry, probably in more remote, dangerous areas. ... Mexico is..

did the mexican people really win?

López Obrador thanked the crowd and assured Mexican people that he would not let them down. ... It's cry for justice for the 43 students of Ayotzinapa, whose disappearances in 2014 have been linked to Mexican police and military forces. ..

mexican meddling in our elections

That was Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador after President Trump, no longer willing to wait on hostile, do-nothing Congress, announced 5 percent tariff on all Mexican goods. ... The prospect of Trump, prompted Mexican's work for the campaign of Hillary Clinton. ..

the rise and fall of a mexican drug lord

Delving deep into the history of drug cartels, Hernández traces the rise of Mexican cartels as Colombian cartels are losing their trafficking routes into United States. ... In meeting that took place on Mexican soil, presumably without permission of Mexican authorities, DEA,..

fifty years of mexican october

Peering back through the lens of history, however, Oct 2, 1968 was the culmination of decade or more of grassroots social struggles that challenged the one party rule of Institutional Revolutionary Party and demanded reforms that would fulfill the uncompleted promises of Mexican Revolution.. ... ..

the mexican student movement of 1968

This period was also characterised by what is called the “Mexican miracle.” ... Characterisation of the Mexican State . Before moving forward, it is important to analyze the Mexican state as it was constituted at the time. ..

the truth about mexican-americans

You know, Dwight Eisenhower was wonderful and president, and he moved million people out of the country, reference to Operation Wetback in 1954, when Mexican farm guest workers. ... The wife of Felix Longoria, Mexican- American private killed in Philippines during the war, received his..

mexican radio to beam chinese propaganda

Mexican Radio to Beam Chinese Propaganda . U.S. probes links between buyer of Tijuana station and China's Phoenix TV . . ... Even though the sale involves a foreign broadcaster, the FCC has a role because the Mexican radio station broadcasts into the United States. ..

anniversary of the 1910 mexican revolution

Part of my job consisted of deciphering the codes of Mexican politics and media and then summarizing the news with context for English-dominant readers part of it involved researching and writing original reports about Mexico, U.S.- Mexico border, New Mexico and other places of occasional interest.. ..

ex-mexican president charged

They also suspect that the evidence will not meet the standards for the charge filed by Carrillo -- genocide -- defined in Mexican penal code as systematic crimes against the lives of members of any national group, including political dissidents... ..

fox looks to protect mexican workers here

Fox Looks To Protect Mexican Workers Here.. In gesture that puts teeth into President Vicente Fox's pledge to represent Mexicans on both sides of U.S.- Mexico, Mexican government has availed to U.S system order to help Mexican workers in United States.. ... The supplier of..


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