fact check: cnn's democratic debate

Delaney's press team said the candidate is citing CNN analysis of allowed charges for common procedures, using data provided Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Truven Health Analytics, research firm. Journal of American Medicine, citing 2018 study from Congressional Budget Office,..

the blob fought the squad, and the squad won

The problem that AOC and company created was to put forward popular programs like Medicare for All, Green New Deal and Job Guarantee concert with plausible explanations of how to pay for them. ... Through this prism Medicare for All is Obamacare with higher payouts to insurance company..

the bs about medicare-for-all has to stop!

Everyone will save money under Medicare-for-All, and we will have far, for it.  ... Why does not he just say it Americans will be, medically, better off if they paid bit more in taxes to obtain full coverage under Medicare for All and eliminated the premiums they and their employer now..

watching television alone

In formally announcing his plan on Monday, Biden equated the push for Medicare for All with GOP attempts to ObamaCare... I understand the appeal of Medicare for All, and folks supporting it means getting rid of ObamaCare, and I'm not for that, in video announcing his plan... ..

perils of “democratic socialism” – reason.com

Even good many politicians who eschew the socialist labels have endorsed some of the radical policies associated with it, such as Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and federal government-guaranteed jobs for all Americans, among others.. ... I am low on the learning curve wrt socialism,..

the great healthcare divide of the democratic party

Medicare for all was the among the big issues that candidates worked to address in 2020, having already been main of conversation for Sen. ... Liberal Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents tipped slightly towards improving Affordable Care Act than passing Medicare for all while..

factchecking sanders' cnn town hall

Sanders said Trump's proposed 2019 budget included cuts of $500 billion to Medicare and $72 billion to Social Security, and Committee for Responsible Federal Budget says the proposed savings from Social Security and Medicare are fact quite in size, would have little effect on benefits, and..

saddle up! the dem nomination race begins!

Medicare for All, big tax increases and Green New Deal. Joe Biden,  who still wants to run, is being advised to delay any plans to see how this lurch to the left plays out. ... But Paul Waldman writes, First, Democrat proposes idea — such as Medicare-for-all or tax increases on the..

america wants health care, not walls

Along the way, the idea of Medicare for All, central issue of Senator Bernie Sander's bid for Presidency in 2016, has became rallying cry of Left. Several of Democratic Senators who are expected to throw their hats in the in 2020, signed on to Medicare for All Act of 2017  Now..


Its standing for such intervention arises in part from its role as Medicare and Medicaid payor rather than merely from any interest it might have in heading off fraud generally. ... The Justice Department also will be looking for excessive fees and may not allow claimants to deduct those fees..

congress readies band-aid measure for opioid crisis

As it worked its way through Congress the bill very added windfall for the giant corporations in the form of relief from law passed last February that required them to give elderly Medicare recipients discount on prescription drugs that fall in Medicare Part D doughnut hole.. ..

aetna, humana defend merger plans in court

Meanwhile American Medical Association, ment released at the start of the trial that blocking the merger would prevent Aetna from cornering Medicare Advantage market... The AMA stands by the conclusion that Medicare Advantage is product market and Aetna's argument to the contrary that it..

the truth about health care reform

And the health care law has strengthened Medicare's long-term outlook, adding eight additional years to the projected solvency of Medicare trust fund.. The in this case are clear health spending is rising at slower rate, insurance premiums are rising at slower rate, small-business..

the birth of medicare – canadian dimension

American Medical Association and the industry still control the US medical system despite minor steps forward like Medicaid for the poor and Medicare for the elderly. ... Public opinion swung against the anti- Medicare lobby due to the work of the pro- Medicare committees with..

health care law budget buster, bad for jobs

And it takes half trillion dollars from Medicare to spend on Obamacare, and then it puts new panel of 15 people in charge of price controlling Medicare in ways that we believe will lead to denied care for current seniors.. ... I believe it's bad for Medicare in particular and..

hoeffel, specter get their licks in at senate debate

Hoeffel was not vote on raising taxes except on repealing tax on wealthy beneficiaries instituted in 1993 to shore up Medicare system.. ... I've also introduced bill to change Medicare reform to enable United State government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to renegotiate..


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