cms’ medicaid waiver template for the aca expansion

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  new section 1115 Medicaid model waiver will allow states to provide coverage to Affordable Care Act in manner that differs from certain law requirements. ... That leaves working-age adults who gained access to Medicaid from ACA's..

will state expand medicaid?

The tank endorsed State Question 802 to let voters decide whether the state should expand Medicaid... ... Group co-chairman Greg McCortney, R-Ada, said many of its members assumed Medicaid expansion would be major part of the solution. ..

medicaid makes up most federal grants to states

From 2008 to 2018, Medicaid was the driver of the 42 percent increase in total federal grants to states ( See. By transportation programs and education, Medicaid makes up the major share of grants to states, other categories still account for substantial portions of this federal funding..

the election and medicaid expansion

I am hopeful that in the coming months, Governor Greg Abbott and the leadership of Texas will see the wisdom of Medicaid expansion. ... Studies have found that Medicaid expansion has led to healthier people, and to their increased in civic activities.. ..

advocates press lawmakers to restore medicaid funding

At press conference and then during impromptu meeting in the hallway with House leaders, they pressed for restoration of funding for all Medicaid programs, and took particular care to highlight cuts to Husky A — program they said has not received sufficient attention from lawmakers and the media..

medicaid expansion gains in red states

Just this week, to expand Medicaid under Obamacare. The measure contains amendment requiring beneficiaries to pay premiums and also includes provision. So far, 28 states have expanded their Medicaid programs, while 22 states — mainly with Republican-controlled state legislatures, have..

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