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Investigators survey the rooftop of AXA Equitable Center building on Seventh Avenue, following helicopter crash Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S., June 11, 2019. ... People take photos of Empire State Building from the Top of Rock in Manhattan of New York City, New York, U.S.,..

how politically segregated is your city?

Many of those urban areas are not small, packed areas like Manhattan except sprawling, low-density regions like Phoenix, say, or Jacksonville, Florida.. and even if you're in place like Manhattan, Republicans will search out the less-dense part to in, said Steven Webster, scientist at..

michael cohen, former trump fixer, reports to prison

I hope that injustice and lies at the helm of our country, ers gathered outside his Manhattan on Monday morning, before ducking into Escalade SUV... ... During those late 2018 months, he met multiple times with federal prosecutors from both Manhattan US Attorney's and the office of..

trump declares victory now, but legal perils not over

Federal prosecutors Manhattan are pursuing at least two known criminal inquiries, one focused into Trump's committee and another on the hush-money scandal that led his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to guilty last year to campaign-finance violations... ... The U.S Manhattan declined to..

elizabeth jennings — a new york city pioneer

Angry working-class, mostly Irish immigrants Manhattan were resentful and rioted for four days, targeting African Americans and abolitionists in what became known as the. ... African Americans fled uptown to Harlem, Brooklyn and New Jersey, resulting in 20 percent decline in their..

michael cohen sues the trump organization

Cohen incurred legal bills from law firms starting in 2017, including congressional hearings, civil lawsuits, the investigation from special counsel Robert Mueller and, by 2018, criminal probe from Manhattan US Attorney's office.. ... By its agreement to pay the, , Trump Organization is..

the case against nuclear power

State Department issued a Report on International Control of Atomic Energy, drafted by Robert Oppenheimer and other nuclear scientists involved in Manhattan Project, The development of energy for peaceful purposes and the development of energy for bombs are in much of their course interchangeable..

the rise of anti-muslim hate

Imam Rauf, envisioned center with recreation facilities like swimming pool, basketball court, gym, school, art studios, child care center, needed prayer space for Muslim Manhattan. ... Wilders was one of the highlighted speakers at September 11 rally against Islamic Manhattan called by..

can nothing unite the church?

It would be difficult to conceive of accurate example of petty bickering within the Body of Christ than Manhattan Declaration.. Before the end of the year, Manhattan Declaration was written and promoted marriage, and freedom. ..

new yorkers condemn pittsburgh synagogue shooting

The Democrat gathered outside Manhattan Sunday afternoon with Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders, including Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Rev. ... By the attempted political bombings of prominent figures in Cuomo said the nation has been shaken by the two shootings and Democratic..

the problem of the new york police

Ahmed Ferhani and Mohamed Mamdouh were arrested on May 11, 2011, ly conspiring to take out, Manhattan synagogue.5 The arrests were announced spectacular fashion, with live-action photographs of Ferhani apparently about to buy weapons from police informant during evening rush hour on West 58th..


This week's episode features work from The Heartland Institute, Manhattan Institute, and Cato Institute... ... Today's podcast features work from Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Manhattan Institute, and Tax Foundation... ..

october 2013 – politicker

During last night's final debate, Mr de Blasio was forced to respond to criticism that he'd spent too much Manhattan and Park Slope and not enough in places like Bronx and Rockaways since securing Democratic nomination.. ..

november 2011 – politicker

Ruffalo appeared along with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, actress Debra Winger, State Senator Daniel Squadron and others at anti-fracking press conference ahead of Department of Environmental Conservation's hearing to review regulations for hydrofracking. ..

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