For example, the in affidavit supporting July 2017 search warrant for Manafort's house, citing it as one of the reasons the fbi resurrected the criminal case against Manafort... Three months later, the fbi went further in arguing probable cause for search warrant for Manafort's..

scotus upholds double jeopardy rule: what it means for

Supreme Court declined on Monday to change the longstanding rule that says putting someone on trial more than once for the same crime does not violate Constitution's protection against double jeopardy — case that drew attention because of its possible implications for President Donald Trump's former..

leftism makes people meaner

Angry over the possibility that Manafort may be pardoned by President Trump, Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, charged Manafort with additional crimes based on state law. ... Despite its history of opposition to confinement, ing the plan to Manafort said nothing against..

manafort lender calk charged with bribery in pursuit of

According to prosecutors Manhattan, beginning July 2016, two months Manafort approached Calk's bank for loans to help him avoid foreclosure on multiple properties owned by Manafort family.. ... By the bank stated that both former, Both Margolis statement regarding his client and the..

dems colluded with ukraine against trump

., now acknowledges DNC Alexandra Chalupa asked Ukrainian government for dirt on Trump and for information about his Paul Manafort's dealings with Russia's neighboring country, at The Hill newspaper.. ... Ukrainian efforts had in the race, helping to force Manafort's resignation and..

paul manafort in ukraine

The underlying criminal charges against Manafort deal with how he tried to bring the money he had earned Ukraine into United States by illegal means, why Manafort was working for players Ukraine or the nature of their work together. ... In series of hacked SMS messages between..

mueller time?

And only after Trump submitted his answers did Mueller reveal that he knew Manafort had lied.  ... There are also reports that Manafort met with Julian Assange times in Ecuadorian Embassy. ..


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