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High Court Case This Week Could Affect Manafort. The Supreme Court on Thursday will take up the case of Alabama, Terance Gamble, and federal prosecutors for the possession crime violate constitutional protections against double jeopardy. The issue could affect state plans to prosecute Paul..

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The underlying criminal charges against Manafort deal with how he tried to bring the money he had earned Ukraine into United States by illegal means, why Manafort was working for players Ukraine or the nature of their work together. ... In series of hacked SMS messages between..

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And only after Trump submitted his answers did Mueller reveal that he knew Manafort had lied.  ... There are also reports that Manafort met with Julian Assange times in Ecuadorian Embassy. ..

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Another augury of blockbuster developments Mueller last week filed in District of Columbia court that is overseeing the case of Manafort. ... Mueller's request suggests that we'll soon important information bearing on the value of Manafort's cooperation, up to and including role as in..


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