What it describes is a new gulag, where re-education and the suppression of Uighur identity is its main goal. . . . . . . . . Analysis and Commentary . . via The Washington Post Wednesday, November 14, 2018 . ..

‘maximum pressure’ is a dead end

Faced with this reality, Pyongyang or Tehran could see a benefit in resisting Washington’s pressure strategy. . The main flaw in the Trump administration’s approach to both states is that it pairs maximalist demands that the other side will never accept with “maximum pressure”..

assaults show afghan intel weaknesses

American officials in Afghanistan declined to comment specifically on Karzai's criticism, but one military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said tracking the movement of insurgent fighters and weapons into the city was a task that would have mainly come under the purview of Afghanistan's..

debate heating up over pot use

WASHINGTON — Arguing that the distribution of marijuana for medical purposes undermines the nation's drug laws and leads to abuse, the government urged Supreme Court on Wednesday to stop California cooperative from dispensing the drug to the seriously ill.. ..

faith-based groups plan requires oversight

Your interesting Jan 31 editorial, The new prophets and Washington, while expressing in the main cautionary view, fails to address some of the most obvious difficulties of implementing Bush plan for government to fund religion-associated social programs. ..


Syria ...

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