Invoking the option, Senate Republicans on Wednesday began the process of changing Senate rules to speed up consideration of some of President Donald Trump's nominees, including those up for seats on federal district courts... ..

western water law is being challenged

The dispute related to the special wording of ANILCA which appears to modify the law relative to how National Park Service deals with the enforcement of Federal Regulations on private land that is within the boundaries of land determined to be deserving of in this ANILCA to also take into State Law in this..

national donors pick winners in state elections

Chris Christie, gave $69 million to candidates, political parties and independent groups, as it tried to elect Republicans to the in as many states as possible  The group gave more than any other donor to state-level elections last year —  from races for governor to legislator to supreme court justice.. ..

mustang times

By Jon Watje Managing Editor The Mustang Board of Education announced the hiring of Deer Creek Superintendent, Sean McDaniel, as the district's new superintendent Nov 5. ..

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