TEHRAN (FNA)- Two main Ankara-backed militant groups engaged in a fresh round of clashes in occupied Afrin region in Northwestern Aleppo that inflicted several casualties on both warring sides, local sources reported on Saturday. . . . . ..

‘maximum pressure’ is a dead end

Faced with this reality, Pyongyang or Tehran could see a benefit in resisting Washington’s pressure strategy. . The main flaw in the Trump administration’s approach to both states is that it pairs maximalist demands that the other side will never accept with “maximum pressure”..

‘iran, syria stand against west interference’

Ibrahim Mousawi, political analyst from Beirut, said that Syrian and Iranian governments are the main pillars of resistance against Western hegemonic powers and their regional allies in Middle East.. Tehran and Damascus are the axis of resistance and steadfastness that stands against the..


Abu Al ...

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