lev dengov: ramzan kadyrov’s middleman in libya

To date, Moscow has pointedly attempted to maintain a balance between the two main conflicting parties (Rambler.ru, June 8). ... Many Libyan military officers also studied in the Soviet Union; . ­­– Geo-economics: Libya wields huge and poorly controlled oil fields (5 . largest among the..

‘tide turning in favor of assad, syrians’

Iran and Russia are Syria's main allies against multitude of foreign-backed armed groups, including Daesh terrorists,  fighting to topple President Bashar al- Assad.. Moscow has sent warplanes and special forces in support of Syrian government troops, while Tehran has deployed..

iraq rejects tougher review

Moscow, which has important economic links to Baghdad, has in the past been Iraq's main advocate on the council. . Ivanov met yesterday in Moscow with Marc Grossman, American undersecretary of state for political affairs, and senior British diplomat Peter Ricketts, who briefed..


Getting support from China, North Korea's main ally and trading partner, is seen as crucial. Russia prepares to serve as host for Group of Eight summit MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia will take center stage this week when President Vladimir Putin hosts President Bush and other leaders of the world's..

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