three main messages of the warsaw summit

TEHRAN - Warsaw Summit had come to end without mentioning Iran's name in the final statement of the summit, and that was despite the attempts made by American officials and anti- Iran groups to introduce Iran as the destabilizer of peace and in the region.. ..

oup launches publication on family law

Oxford University Press launched its publication 'Family Laws Pakistan co-authored by Muhammad Zubair Abbasi and Shahbaz Ahmad Cheema. This book provides the latest and updated account of the principles and practices of family laws Pakistan. ..

10 forgotten sects of major religions

This sect of Islam is the most popular in China and is the most orthodox version of Chinese Islam. Although it has some aspects of Chinese culture, it retains the main tenets of Islamic thought but has remained more accommodating than the other Islamic sects. . ..

israel thwarts palestinian rally

But fewer than 8,000 people - about one-third the normal Friday turnout - managed to reach the mosque inside Jerusalem's walled Old City, according to several worshipers and a guard at the main entrance. Inside the cavernous mosque, one of the holiest sites in Islam, many places were empty...


American ...

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