In September 2012, the last groups of the MKO terrorists left Camp Ashraf, their main training center in Iraq's Diyala province. ..

spotlight on global jihad april 2-15, 2015

Several dozen airstrikes were carried out in Syria and Iraq. Following are the locations of the main airstrikes (CENTCOM website): . . ... Main developments in Iraq . The campaign over Tikrit . Iraqi Army and Shiite militia forces supported by Iran completed their takeover..

why is iraq being torn apart?

This enraged the Shia, the largest of the three main groups in Iraq, which saw this as a blow to their ability to rule. ... It is hard at this point to imagine any political reconciliation between the rulers of Iraq's three main communities. ..

iraqi leaders resolve impasse

It creates a scenario, where a Shiite religious party and a Kurdish leader hold the main posts in Baghdad, and Iraq's Sunni Arab minority is once more relegated to a secondary role, not unlike the fractious government al-Maliki took control of four years ago. . . . ..

shiite sheiks may join u.s. forces

Anger also rose after the assassinations of two southern provincial governors that were seen as part of a brutal contest among rival Shiite militias to control parts of Iraq's main oil regions. Fearing a backlash, Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of Iraq's biggest militia, ordered a..


Abu Mahdi Al ...

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