a democratic constitution for the european union

There is the urgent need to adopt European policies and measures to overcome the economic and financial tools introduced in the EU since the beginning of the crisis, eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities between generations and regional areas – with particular attention to disadvantaged internal areas..

why europe needs china

The flags of China and European Union. The main approach of European policy-makers relied on the assumption that EU model could be replicated across the world. ..

aachen treaty: vested

Yellow vests demonstrating against Macron's social policies every weekend, their purpose was to show that European Union's main axis remains strong and it will be able to counter increasing euroscepticism and Europe., notes EUobserver... ..


By their undertakings accordingly, TEHRAN - The International Atomic Energy Agency has attested several times that Iran has been committed to the agreement of 2015, and other signatories of the agreement must abide, Director of UN Information Center Tehran Maria Dotsenko said on Monday.. ..

the west has islam dangerously wrong

I think actually that the main European and American intellectual traditions that came out of the Enlightenment often underestimated religion and, I would say, religion and spirituality as important elements in people’s lives. ..

european union fast facts

The member states delegate sovereignty to EU institutions to represent the interests of European Union as whole.. EU is run by main bodies European Parliament, Council of Union, European Commission, Court of Justice, and Court of Auditors.. ..


The pact provides for foreign and policy and European by the end of the decade.. Denmark wants to be exempt from some of the main provisions the provision, the currency, European and cooperation on police and judicial affairs.. ..


Brexit ...

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