modern capitalism – international socialism

From within Tony Benn pressed for the government rescues of sections of British capital to be transformed into strategy for achieving economy that represented, in the words of Labour's 1974 manifesto, fundamental and irreversible shift in the balance of power and in favour of working people and their..


Trump does not have the constitutional powers to appropriate funds required to build the wall he since Congress not the president - has control of spending, .. ..

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From New York to New Mexico, can expect leftward push for expanded health care coverage, gun control, education funding and legalized marijuana as Democrats. ..

independent counsel law expires

WASHINGTON — Corruption investigations against high-ranking government officials will change at tonight with the expiration of the Ethics Government Act, the law that gave Whitewater Kenneth Starr and 19 other independent counsels during the past two decades.. ..

leader's party makes gains in german voting

But his hopes for a result that could restore his majority in the upper house of the federal parliament were dashed as Bremen's Social Democrat mayor vowed to prolong a ``grand coalition'' with the Christian Democrats, Schroeder's main conservative opponents. . . . . . ..

new e. germany seeks deliverance from past

By trying to heal the past and seal the future, EAST BERLIN — East Germany's first government began its work Thursday, asking Jews and Soviet Union to East Germans for their Nazi atrocities and pushing to achieve economic and unification with West Germany by July 1.. ..

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