nuclear prospects of south asia

Even for China the deal was not considered good and the main Chinese Communist Party newspaper, The People’s Daily accused the deal of “double standards” and added that it was likely to damage the existing non-proliferation system. ... In the process, it would divert China..

imperial palace gate uncovered in central china

Liu Tao of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said historical records indicate that officials of the Northern Wei Dynasty would park their sedan chairs and carriages outside this gate before entering the palace’s main hall to see the emperor. For more on archaeology in China, go to..

asia times

Yet China’s main state media outlets have run several articles praising China’s democracy and, explicitly or implicitly, criticizing Western-style democracy. ... A few days earlier, the People’s Daily, China’s main mouthpiece, published an op-ed titled..

how vietnam lost and china won cambodia

Today, however, there are questions about the closeness of their special relations since China has more recently become Cambodia’s main provider of aid and investment, one of its largest trading partners and its closest ally. . ... It didn’t once mention that China was the..

2019: new year, new crisis

The fate of the world economy depends to a large extent on China, which until recently was one of its main motor forces. ... It is one of the main factors that led to the present trade war between the USA and China. . ..

the land of the free

He said that the main “stumbling block has always been insistence of China that we recognize that they have sovereign rights.” ... For China, the main motivation is not to tap some energy reserves off the coast of Palawan. ..

scoring china’s happiness quest

Unemployment and the social safety net are two of the main factors explaining China’s trajectory in happiness levels. ... While it is easy to point to the many obvious differences between China and Taiwan, this may not be the most meaningful comparison for each country. ..

monthly review

Moreover, even China’s fixed investment is heavily dependent on external forces. ... For example, China’s main high-technology exports are in consumer electronics, office equipment and computers, and communications equipment. ..

the changing ground of human rights

A latest Internet poll shows that an increasing number of Americans believe China is becoming a potential enemy and the main competitor of the US. Given such public opinion, the US administration also considers China its main competitor and has adopted a policy to contain..

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