a major diplomatic defeat for duterte

The vote also revealed the limits of the diplomatic clout of China, the Philippines’ main backer in the UNHRC and other international fora. ... Pakistan is, without a doubt, China’s closest ally in Asia. As China’s proxy against India and its main link to..

charles hankla

The US and China once again exchanged fire in their escalating trade war. Tariffs have been the main source of ammunition thus far, but China has other weapons it could begin to deploy. . . ..

asia times

Yet China’s main state media outlets have run several articles praising China’s democracy and, explicitly or implicitly, criticizing Western-style democracy. ... A few days earlier, the People’s Daily, China’s main mouthpiece, published an op-ed titled..

scoring china’s happiness quest

Unemployment and the social safety net are two of the main factors explaining China’s trajectory in happiness levels. ... While it is easy to point to the many obvious differences between China and Taiwan, this may not be the most meaningful comparison for each country. ..

the changing ground of human rights

A latest Internet poll shows that an increasing number of Americans believe China is becoming a potential enemy and the main competitor of the US. Given such public opinion, the US administration also considers China its main competitor and has adopted a policy to contain..

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