anis chowdhury

European Union, Australia and Canada reacted sharply, in contrast to the more restrained response from China, the main target of earlier actions... ..

is huawei a pawn in the trade war?

A month later, the Japanese government effectively banned Huawei equipment from government contracts, and the country’s main telecom firms announced they would do the same. Canada, Norway, and the United Kingdom are now conducting security reviews of Huawei’s 5G technology, and the..

trump and the morbid symptoms of capitalism

Leo Panitch is co-author (with Sam Gindin) of The Making of Global Capitalism; editor of the annual Socialist Register; and active with the Socialist Project group in Canada. ... S: I can see four main sorts of possible outcomes to be considered from Trump's economic jousting. . ..

france and the media during the jihadist war

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the one who thinks that Canada’s main goal is “inclusive diversity” didn’t even wait for the passing of the Compact; a month before he announced a $595 million dollar package of tax relief  to Canadian media, but only ones his government deems..

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