the worst diplomat in the world

Then, as Bolsonaro schmoozed with prominent businessmen and politicians in Switzerland, one of Brazil’s main newspapers linked his son Flávio to members of a Rio de Janeiro death squad known as the Office of Crime. ..

brazil: rising of the women

Shortly after it became clear that Brazil had elected Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency [in the run-off round on 28 October], the Unified Workers’ Central (CUT), the main confederation of trade unions in Brazil, issued the following statement: . ..

financial press cheers election of fascist in brazil

Forbes (10/3/18): “Bolsonaro’s claim to fame is his bombastic approach to the main social issues of the day—particularly family values and matters of crime and punishment.” . . . Brazil’s controversial elections pitted far-right Jair Bolsonaro against the center-left Workers’..

latin leaders reject clinton drug war

Nevertheless, the South American presidents agreed to begin negotiations aimed at fusing the continent's two main trading groups -- Mercosur, led by Brazil and includes Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and Andean Community, made up of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.. ..

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