artificial intelligence for the american people

The Administration has been in developing policies and implementing strategies that accelerate AI in U.S for the benefit of American people. These activities align with four main pillars of emphasis AI for American Innovation, AI for American Industry, AI for American Worker,..

from "political revolution" to lesser-evilism

It’s worth pondering how we got here and what that history might portend for the future of American politics. . ... The first is the obvious one that the mobilization for Sanders was not, as he and many of his supporters claimed, a “movement.”7 It was, as were Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow..

race, surveillance, and empire:
 a commentary

.… But nowhere was the growing salience of class consciousness more apparent than among black elites in the main African American political organizations—National Urban League (NUL), NAACP, and National Negro Congress (NNC)—who came to believe that only through a class-based alliance..

throwback thursdays

December 31, 2004 – TORRINGTON – Torrington High School art teacher, Victor Leger, and members of the Torrington Parks and Recreation Department, Daniel Hanusch, 15, and Kelsey LaMagdeleine, 17, both of Torrington High School, pose during the Last Night celebration put on by the Torrington Parks and..

us escalates war for annexation of syria

Tillerson’s statement came less than a week after the US command in Iraq and Syria announced that it was organizing a 30,000-strong border security force, consisting primarily of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which has served as the main American proxy ground force in Washington’s..


Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American- Islamic Relations, which calls itself the main defender of Muslim Americans, said the council would invariably clash with the government over civil liberties. ..

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