This summary outlines the main findings from surveys we conducted Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Haiti, Lebanon, Uganda and Somalia. ..


He went on to say that, as some American analysts confess, US strategy to attack Afghanistan and Iraq was wrong since it led to the elimination of Iran’s enemies. Main opponents of US are Russia and China which used this strategic mistake to boost their economy, he added. . ..

humanity against people

Sanitized globalist doctrine is infused everywhere: climate alarmism, generic anti-racism, generic gender equity, generic human rights, political correctness of language and attitudes… Meanwhile, actual genocidal military campaigns of economic blockades (“sanctions”), regime change, conquest, and nation..

the us war in afghanistan: giving peace a chance

After killing and maiming over 507,000 people, the US has failed to achieve its obvious objectives in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. If the main objectives were to establish democracy, the rule of law, protection of human rights, extermination of terrorists, what the US has achieved after a..

presstv-us veterans suicide rate rose 32%: study

America's perpetual engagement in overseas wars and the lack of adequate care for veterans returning home are frequently cited as the main reasons behind such alarming suicide figures. . US troops have been at war since 2001 in Afghanistan, and fought in the Iraq war from 2003 to 2011. . . ...

assaults show afghan intel weaknesses

American officials in Afghanistan declined to comment specifically on Karzai's criticism, but one military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said tracking the movement of insurgent fighters and weapons into the city was a task that would have mainly come under the purview of Afghanistan's..

abuses by u.s. forces in afghanistan

Many of those arrested by U.S. forces are detained for indefinite periods at U.S. military bases or outposts.While held, these detainees have no contact with relatives or others, although some detainees receive visits from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).Detainees have no opportunity to..

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