three main messages of the warsaw summit

TEHRAN - Warsaw Summit had come to end without mentioning Iran's name in the final statement of the summit, and that was despite the attempts made by American officials and anti- Iran groups to introduce Iran as the destabilizer of peace and in the region.. ..

us war on iran by other means

Iran's IRGC issued statement, condemning Wednesday's attack, calling it revenge for the failure of foreign plots related to the nation's 40th anniversary commemorations of its 1979 revolution, ending generation of US-installed fascist tyranny.. ..


TEHRAN - In 151-2 vote, UN General Assembly has voted to call for the end of Israeli of Golan Heights, and calls for the territory to be returned to Syria. ..

the party is over – foreign policy

By nationalist upheavals and the, The traditional parties drew strength from deep divides Western societies that been shaped Industrial Revolution — rifts between national and periphery identities, between elite and bourgeois class, and between capitalists and workers. ..

john wilkes booth's abduction plot gone wrong

In, the actor's original plan was to abduct Lincoln, take him to Richmond and exchange him for Confederate soldiers then held Union prisons The story is well known on April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater. ..

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