TEHRAN - The US Syria has made it possible for ISIL terrorist group to launch heavy on SDF-controlled areas and once again approach the territory near the border with Iraq, ... ..

westlake university a model of reform

The founding of Westlake University, China's first university aimed at cultivating high-level in advanced technology, marks significant step in efforts to reform the sector and innovation, Ministry of Education said... ..

the man-state paradigm

The owners of enterprises, workers, and their trade unions of each separate industry forcibly united into syndicates, which became the main administrative unit of the state under the total control of the latter.   ... The owners of enterprises, workers, and their trade unions of..

american force

Betts, leading politics scholar, investigates the use of American force suggesting guidelines for making it more selective and successful. ..

human rights and hiv prevention for injection drug users

Over twenty years into AIDS, injection drug use continues to be major risk factor for HIV in United States.A 1996 review of HIV ninety-six U.S cities concluded that majority of the 41,000 new HIV infections each in United States occur among injection drug users and their sex partners and children. ..

bush has own plan for aid to soviets

The aid would include teams of experts to help rebuild rail and communication networks, storage sites, and distribution systems, White House officials said Sunday They emphasized that Bush still opposes large financial aid to Soviet Union, as proposed by West Germany and France... ..

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