the senate votes for more stalemate

The same GOP lawmakers who have been saying they would consider legislation to reopen the government without funding for the border wall—Cory Gardner of Colorado, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska—voted for both measures on Thursday. ..

daniela pastrana

The images filled the front pages of Mexico's newspapers 61 half-dressed state policemen kneeling, with their hands tied, in the main square of the town of Tepatepec in the central state of Hidalgo, while local residents threatened to burn them alive... ..

then as now: hands off our religious freedom!

James Madison wrote to William Bradford, Jan. 24, 1774, about the fate of Baptist ministers: “There are at this time in the adjacent Culpeper County not less than 5 or 6 well meaning men in jail for publishing their religious sentiments which in the main are very orthodox.” . ..

committee for a workers' international

Lega Five Star Movement government came to June 2018, following protracted negotiations after elections March, on the back of vote representing rejection of the main parties that had formed all the previous governments for over two decades. ..

austria: class polarisation on the rise

The leader of the railway workers, Roman Hebenstreit, grumbled about the government and those in the early 2000, called for alliance of unions and civil society and called for workers and youth to join unions with his main slogan membership is resistance... ..


Brigadier-General Amin Hatit told Arabic-language service of Russian Sputnik news agency that one of the main reasons for reinstating some of the US troops al-Tanf military base is to help US-backed militants in the region.. ..

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