dumped by the trump that americans deserved

The Jerusalem Embassy - The main benefit of this for the Trump base was it illustrated the candidate (when convenient) kept his word. ... Moreover, the partial repeal and legal suits (one recently decided against the current program) have as their main objective to undermine pre-existing..

myanmar's rakhine torched anew by insurgent fire

The operational pause is designed to facilitate peace talks with all northern ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) following a statement on December 12 from three members of the Northern Alliance, including the Arakan Army, whose main headquarters and training facilities are in Kachin State close to the..

how vietnam lost and china won cambodia

Today, however, there are questions about the closeness of their special relations since China has more recently become Cambodia’s main provider of aid and investment, one of its largest trading partners and its closest ally. . ... It didn’t once mention that China was the genocidal regime’s..

making sense of election mechanics and their outcome

One of the main things missing was that the captain of the victorious team forgot to pay customary tribute to the losing side for putting up a good fight. . ... There is little doubt that the pre-poll environment was tilted heavily in PTI’s favour because its main rival, PMLN, had been in..

the world bank group’s role in global development

Rebecca Liao, a China analyst, writes that the AIIB “was born out of two main grievances about the World Bank” that developing nations shared. ... “Having an American at the helm of the bank partly served to reassure Wall Street, originally the main supplier of the bank’s..


California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts all voted to legalize marijuana, joining Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon. ..


Maine Governor Wants Gunowners to Shoot Drug Dealers. Just days after saying Maine should revive the guillotine to execute drug dealers, Gov. ... Maine Bill to More Harshly Punish Outsiders Bringing Drugs to State Gets Hearing. ..

brexit: the uncivil war, reviewed

For the layperson out there, and by that I mean anyone who does not work Westminster, I can understand why the drama's emphasis on Dominic Cummings, man most of them will never have heard of, as the main driving force of the Leave campaign will seem weird possibly false. ..

center for american progress

Indeed, the industry’s main lobby group—the International Franchise Association—has continued to state that “some form of ‘no-poaching provisions’” may be necessary for its members. . ... For example, Maine Rep. John Schneck (D) and Sen. Shenna Bellows (D) introduced a bill to..

prospects for yemen in 2019 and beyond

It was agreed in a rush, under international pressure, for two main reasons: first the humanitarian crisis had reached catastrophic proportions by late 2018, hitting media headlines around the world daily. ... In addition to endorsing Stockholm, its main contribution was to authorise the..

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