nato in a new era

What is the main challenge facing the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)? ... What is NATO's main strength and weakness? . Its strength lies in being a long-lasting alliance of like-minded sovereign countries. ..

hun sen's power grab guided by cambodian history

Charles Meyer, a former adviser to the now deceased Sihanouk, described Sangkum in his 1971 book “Behind The Khmer Smile”: “The movement’s main objective was the [other] parties’ extinction,” he wrote, adding that its other objective was “the rounding up of their members within a big..

november 2014

When I worked with museums in the ’90s, one of their main concerns was: “If we make a copy of this work available digitally what will that mean about the value of the original?” ..

august 2013

Via the WordPress plugin FeedWordPress, all content from students is automatically aggregated to the main ds106 site—but all links go back directly to the students’ sites. . . . ..

july 2002

He did this one, this autobiographical comic, where there’s this guy, a parody of you… What he tells the main character, the autobiographical character, is that you made up all the stuff for your magazine. . ... We had a great liberty to basically be about technoculture, and at the same time we..

a jewish lawyer is steve bannon’s main ally in uniting

Instead Bannon, whom many believe played a critical role in getting Donald Trump elected as president and who is bringing the funding for the new movement, chose Modrikamen as his main man in Europe. ... But for many, the main response is puzzlement over Bannon’s choice of a relatively..

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