the senate is not fair to people

Thus, the 28 million people living in Texas are represented by only two Senators, whereas the 27 million people living in the combined states of Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Rhode Island,..

trump honors victims of communism

A main feature of communism is an implacable hostility to capitalism, the economic system that has produced the most advanced and freest civilization in human history. . ... One of the most important voices in exposing the reality of communism was the late Russian writer and dissident Alexander..

the enemy of the people

These are ancient names for the main peoples who make up modern Japan. . . ... They were allowed to observe the main building in question. “[T]hey did not observe a chamber or any associated equipment inside the building”; however, they did observe “recent signs of internal..


The Raqqa Governorate and its capital of the same name served as the main outpost for the Daesh terror group in Syria. ..

when the world tried to outlaw war

Written by Oona Hathaway and Scott Shapiro, two professors at Yale Law School, the book has attracted notice for its eye-catching claim that the scarcely remembered and amply ridiculed Paris Peace Pact of 1928—also known as the Kellogg-Briand Pact, after its two main architects, US Secretary of..

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