the cia “hybrid war” against venezuela

Jacinto Pérez Arcay, presented to General Staff of FANB and to President Maduro, detailed study on the possible operations SouthCom might carry out to pave the way for invasion by U.S troops.. ... In this, State Department, CIA and White House coordinate simultaneous series of attacks,..

if the army stands with president maduro

Wednesday, Guaido declared Maduro's election last May to six-year term to be sham, and had inaugurated as acting president... ... Russia and China stood by Maduro, as did NATO ally Turkey, with President Erdogan phoning his support. ..

venezuelan crisis

it was the inauguration of President Maduro on January for six-year term that triggered the crisis, it has long history. ... The United States was always against President Maduro and Canada, European Union, and Organization of American States have also recognized Mr. ..

the exceptional nation

The whores who comprise Western media have served Washington's of Maduro, president that Washington calls dictator. ... Defeated on these fronts, Washington had Trump and Pence declare that Maduro was not the president of Venezuela and that Washington recognized its..

venezuela at another crossroads

On January 23, Juan Guaidó, like Carmona almost 17 years ago, declared the government of Nicolás Maduro illegitimate and as president. ... Given that it no longer recognizes Maduro as president, United States has stated that it now maintains relations with Guaidó..

venezuela congress declares president maduro

Asked White House spokesman said United States was considering all diplomatic, political, and economic tools in its in response to the usurpation of power by Maduro regime... United States has expressed its support for Juan Guaido, who as president of National Assembly has declared his..

maduro's time is running out in venezuela

Bolivarian Revolution abstained, and the number of opposition voters increased by only 343,000 compared to the election of 2013, when the winner was the president, Nicolas Maduro.. ... Yet experts like Mark Weisbrot, co-director of Center for Economic and Policy Research, believe that..

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