venezuela: still on the brink?

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pompeo in latin america

From April 15, his visits to Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Colombia are all about hardening Trump coup plot against Venezuela's Maduro and Bolivarian social democracy.. Along with Venezuela, Trump regime wants independent governments Cuba and Nicaragua toppled.. ..

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The war John Bolton has declared that Washington is going to overthrow and replace Nicaragua's elected President Ortega... The US media are denouncing Maduro while ignoring how Washington's policy has been to impose hardship on Venezuelan people... ..

trump’s crusade in latin america

We will not reward firing squads, torturers, and murderers … The troika of tyranny in this hemisphere—Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua—has finally met its match.” . Nicolás Maduro’s government is first on Trump’s hit list. . For several months in 2017 the administration reportedly..

if the army stands with president maduro

Russia and China stood by Maduro, as did NATO ally Turkey, with President Erdogan phoning his support. Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia were also with Maduro.. Backing Guaido are Venezuela's neighbors Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia, U.S and Canada, and Organization of..


On the other hand, Russia, Turkey, China, Iran, Bolivia, El Salvador, Cuba, and Nicaragua are supporting Maduro as the legitimate head of state.. ..

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