the warlord of economic savagery

India and Iran have irked Bolton and his neo-con colleagues by continuing to recognize Maduro as Venezuela’s president. . Trump sanctions on Iran have resulted in the inability of Iranian hospitals and doctors to import needed medicines and other health care items. ..


TEHRAN - The United Kingdom's decision to join United States in putting severe pressure on Venezuelan government includes bid to unite European Union to forge hard line against President Nicolas Maduro, ... TEHRAN - Iran's Western of Kermanshah has exported $2.376 billion worth of goods..

presstv-russia offers to mediate in venezuela

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged to support Maduro against a destructive interference that violates the most basic norms of the international law... Other countries, including Turkey and Iran, have expressed support for the government of Maduro have..

german army trains saudi soldiers

series of world events could soon lead to higher prices at the gas pump the expiration of waivers to eight nations to continue buying oil from Iran, more economic and political pressure on the regime of Venezuelan Nicolás Maduro, North Africa, Iran's threats to close Strait of..

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