when the straw men take over

Once reports indicated that Trump administration was considering deploying troops to Venezuela, some Democrats Congress and like-minded figures in the media portrayed any serious efforts to oppose Venezuelan Nicolas Maduro as road toward large-scale military intervention. ..

in venezuela, the end game approaches

So now it is Colombia that is trying to help feed the masses of Venezuela, starving on account of the same socialism that leading Democrats want to bring to the U.S. . ... Maduro is doomed. . America’s Democrats have, to a remarkable degree, lined up behind the failed tyrant..

will venezuela crisis split democrats?

Nicolás Maduro. . . While the Republicans led the fictitious chant for a “hard coup,” the Democrats were divided, split over a “hard” vs a “soft” coup and – for a growing number — a “no” coup. ... This no-nonsense interventionist position is shared by other..

venezuela and the left

It's hard to see how draconian sanctions and the threat, much less the reality, of U.S.-led or U.S.-supported violence would improve the lives of Venezuelans. ..


Trump ...

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