the venezuelan crisis, explained

Smilde asked 1,000 Venezuelans in national representative sample what they thought of three separate possible options intervention, dialogue with the government of Maduro, and settlement for the end of Maduro government. That it started as revolution, is that by 1961 the alliance of Cuba..

how venezuela has united erdogan, turkish left

From the day the last crisis erupted in the Latin American country where hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets of Caracas in protest to the autocratic regime of Nicolas Maduro, with the President Donald Trump’s recognition of Juan Guaido as the legitimate interim president of Venezuela, the..


Bolivia, Mexico and Cuba all supported the Venezuelan president. . Maduro ordered the closure of Venezuela’s embassy and consulates in the US after Washington threw its weight behind opposition leader Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president. .   .   .   .   . . . . . . . ..

if the army stands with president maduro

Russia and China stood by Maduro, as did NATO ally Turkey, with President Erdogan phoning his support. Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia were also with Maduro.. Backing Guaido are Venezuela's neighbors Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia, U.S and Canada, and Organization of..

venezuela: none of our business

That began to backfire in 1998 with the election of Maduro’s predecessor and mentor, Hugo Chavez. Chavez cultivated closer relations with communist (Cuba and China) and former communist (Russia) countries, while implementing socialist economic programs. . ..

maduro must go

Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, China, Turkey, and Russia are for Maduro. The replacement of Maduro with Guaidò would help arrest the recession that began in 2006. ..


Bolivia ...

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