the venezuelan crisis, explained

Venezuela was the first country to turn to the in the region, and we had leftist presidents Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, at the time, Uruguay. The in which Chávez and later Maduro operated, towards progressive policies, in the economy, away from the..

the islamic state lobby

Millions have fled and Maduro attacks the opposition. The United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay and Peru support Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela. ..


., minutes and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Maduro to step down and called on the country's military to support efforts to restore  democracy... Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru all followed suit within two hours of Washington..

if the army stands with president maduro

Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia were also with Maduro.. Backing Guaido are Venezuela's neighbors Ecuador, Brazil and Colombia, U.S and Canada, and Organization of American States.. Britain, France, Germany and Spain have sent Maduro diplomatic ultimatum Agree in eight days..

brazil: a turn to the reactionary right

On the most pressing regional challenge—Venezuela’s refugee, humanitarian, and democratic crises—Bolsonaro has promised to break diplomatic ties and support stricter sanctions against Nicolas Maduro’s regime. Although he will sharpen Brazil’s tone, it is unclear what impact that..

venezuela on fire

Maduro also called for Venezuelan opposition to return to the dialogue with the government. Brazil, Peru, and Argentina have even led effort to censure Venezuela in Organization of American States, arguing that Venezuela is violation of Inter-American Democratic Charter. ..

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