rumors of war: washington is looking for a fight

By bit into doctrine that featured as a, Having served in United States Army during Vietnam War and in Central Intelligence Agency for the half of Cold War, I had insider's viewpoint of how essentially pragmatic policy was being transformed bit sine qua non global dominance for Washington. ..

the cia “hybrid war” against venezuela

Venezuelan Liberation Army . currently, in Tona in Colombian of Santander, the antennas of CIA and Colombian officers of Combined Military Intelligence and Counterintelligence-J2 continue  preparations to set up subversive focus in Venezuelan states of Tachira, Zulia, Amazonas and Apure. ..


TEHRAN - The United States is engaged in direct contacts with members of Venezuela's military encouraging them to allegiance to Juan Guaido and is working on new sanctions to ramp up pressure on the President Nicolas Maduro, citing White House official.. ..

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