u.s. gears up for war on venezuela

The relentless U.S. imperial beast has embarked on a full-scale, openly declared, bipartisan regime-change war aimed at overthrowing Venezuela’s democratically elected government headed by President Nicolás Maduro. . Top U.S. officials—from President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike..

the war on venezuela

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venezuela: us attack imminent?

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venezuela: democratic uprising or us coup?

Neoliberal economic policies caused massive crisis in the 1990s, leading to the election of Hugo Chávez, minister of economy under Maduro. Trump's Latin American policy is now spearheaded by John Bolton, Elliott Abrams, and group of neocons determined to reassert US control of..


Another US official and a person familiar with the deliberations told Reuters that Washington was also considering sanctions on Cuban military and intelligence officials who are allegedly helping Maduro to remain in power. . Earlier this week, US National Security Adviser John..

venezuela's tyrant gets six more years

Minutes after Maduro was inaugurated, most members of Latin America's regional body, Organization of American States, voted to not recognize the legitimacy of his government. U.S will not recognize Maduro, President Donald Trump's, John Bolton, wrote on Twitter.. ..


Brazil ...

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