how venezuela has united erdogan, turkish left

He conceded Maduro committed lot of mistakes and said that compared to Trump,  including Iraq, Syria and his own America, he is as pure as the recently baptized.. ... The mouthpiece of pseudo-Marxist left Turkey, Birgun, alleged, Those who were unable to oust  Chavez are now attacking..

threat of us military intervention in venezuela

In response to reports that President Maduro intends to sell 15 tons of Venezuelan to UAE for euros, Bolton accused him of flying out Venezuelan assets by the plane full, suggesting he's stealing them, Big Lie. ... US EO-5C plane was spotted flying Colombian airspace near Venezuelan border, spying..

trust nothing

Sanders, besides slandering Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution, also trashes the BDS movement. ... The supreme irony is Democrats in particular, who continue to drive the Russia-gate story, having no problem with getting rid of Maduro and replacing him with — for the moment — Juan..


TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned the US attempts to overthrow the legal government in Venezuela, reiterating his country's support for President Maduro. . . . . ..

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