the empire’s propagandists

Whether or not one supports the policies of Maduro or any other leader is in this regard because, despite the empty mythos, American Empire has never been interested in defending democracy. ..

the united lies of the global ruling class

He blamed Maduro for a sham election and praised Trump for having recognized National Assembly President Juan Guaidó as the constitutionally appropriate leader of Venezuela. Even the handful of left Democrats criticized Maduro.. Guaidó won 0 percent on both counts he represents..

venezuelan military support for maduro

Maduro is the president elected by the majority of Venezuelans in direct, democratic and secret ballots, just as our constitution and laws mandate... ... Days earlier, Tillerson's Pompeo declared Venezuela's legitimate government under Maduro illegitimate, calling for the transition to..


By common people volunteers to counter any probable move of the Some measures and solutions have been undertaken and devised under the guidance of President Nicolás Maduro, adding, In to the army of Venezuela, army is being formedUS against the oil-rich country.. ..

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