more blackouts as opposition, government rally

But on Saturday, Maduro stepped up verbal attacks on Guaidó, calling him clown and puppet in speech to supporters outside Miraflores, the palace. Not president, not anything, said Maduro, one of the largest hydroelectric stations and the cornerstone of Venezuela's electrical grid.. ..

european nations raise pressure on venezuela's maduro

Maduro, for his part, stood defiant, accusing United States of preparing in South American country and rejecting U.S. ... Spain, Germany, France and Britain delivered diplomatic blows to Maduro's rule by supporting Guaido after giving Maduro Sunday deadline to call election. ..

venezuelan military support for maduro

Maduro is the president elected by the majority of Venezuelans in direct, democratic and secret ballots, just as our constitution and laws mandate... ... Days earlier, Tillerson's Pompeo declared Venezuela's legitimate government under Maduro illegitimate, calling for the transition to..

maduro must go

The crisis will end when Maduro leaves Caracas for Havana and democracy and the rule of law are restored Venezuela.. ... Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, China, Turkey, and Russia are for Maduro. The replacement of Maduro with Guaidò would help arrest the recession that began in 2006...

maduro severs ties with u.s. after washington recognizes

CARACAS, Jan 23 -- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday announced he was severing diplomatic and political ties with United States after U.S authorities recognized the Juan Guaido as the interim president... ... Thirteen of the member countries of Lima Group, except Mexico, signed..

interview with maduro

Interview with Maduro . By Ignacio Ramonet and President Nicolas Maduro | Granma . ... THE President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, this past January 10, began a new term in office. ..

venezuela congress declares president maduro 'usurper' of

United States and EU have already imposed sanctions that limit the sale of Venezuelan debt and freeze assets belonging to Maduro and number of his top officials.. Asked White House spokesman said United States was considering all diplomatic, political, and economic tools in its in response to the..

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