a jewish writer in america–ii

And with a writer’s weakness for literary categories, he begins to talk about theories of tragedy: . ... Or, I am a Jew and an American writer. Evidently it made him angry that I should see myself as a writer primarily. ..

a jewish writer in america

The I am looking into is that of American who in Thirties finds that he is something like writer and begins to think what to do about it, how to position, and how to combine being Jew with being American and writer. ... Anthony Burgess refers to métèques and makes defense of the..

nakedpastor: divine intervention

. nakedpastor: Divine Intervention . By David Hayward . . . December 16, 2011 . ... Hitch’s badassery will never be forgotten. . http://www.theonion.com/articles/fumbling-inarticulate-obituary-writer-somehow-losi,26890/  . . . . ..

the rise and fall of a mexican drug lord

Anabel Hernández’s breakthrough book chronicles the rise of Mexico’s most prominent drug lord, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. ... Hernández also reveals that the CIA was training right-wing Guatemalan paramilitaries at a ranch owned by the drug lord Rafael Caro-Quintero in the state..

boehner: hard-edged partisan or deal maker?

Instead of retreating into political exile, Boehner quickly reinvented himself as a legislative deal maker in the Education and Workforce subcommittee and soon moved up to the chairmanship of the full committee. ... So who is the real John Boehner, the deal maker or the partisan..

death penalty a tool in state, author says

Death penalty a tool in state, author says . . 'Dead Man Walking' writer slams Bush, war in Lehigh talk. . . ... Steffen, the author of 'Executing Justice: The Moral Meaning of the Death Penalty,' is active with the Lehigh Valley Committee Against State Killing. ..

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