mapping the american war on terror

The list includes Afghanistan and Syria, of course, and also some lesser known and unexpected places like Libya, Tunisia, Somalia, Mali, and Kenya. ... Quite the opposite of achieving this country's goals, from Libya to Syria, Niger to Afghanistan, U.S military abroad has often fueled..


Freedom on Net 2015 Libya. absence of legal protections for online users and impunity for militias and vigilante groups.. ... Libya Protecting freedom of expression and right to access in new constitution... ..

civil war in libya: what is russia really up to?

The struggle for power has divided Libya between two major rival factions and inspired Islamist involving Islamic State militant group. ... And much like other parties who have tried to put down roots Libya, Russians could fall victim to the militant and otherwise violent parties..

presstv-why us destroyed richest african nation

Prior to the invasion of Libya in 2011, Libya had enjoyed one of the highest standards of living on African, in interview with Press TV on Sunday... ... While Libya had been targeted for invasion by Western bloc nations, Gaddafi's announcement put invasion of Libya on..

libya must uphold its obligation to protect women

By increasing acceptance and justification of violence, data on violence against Libya is not documented, 2017 report on public opinion Libya cited poll conducted by International Foundation for Electoral Systems that showed growing violence against women, illustrated. ... According to..

the politics of egyptian migration to libya

The resulting close cooperation between the two states allowed Egyptian community to Libya abolished entry visa requirements in 1971, allowing Egyptians into Libya with card, and the two countries prepared union with Syria order to create the Federal Arab Republic. ... Qaddafi's..

a tiny minority of half a million jihadists

The mass deaths Syria, Libya and Yemen are result of the policies and, Libya of the intervention, of Obama administration.. ... As were many of Jihadists Libya, where Obama's military intervention led to everything from Al Qaeda of Mali to the flow of surface-to-air missiles to..

turkey stabilizing libya? think again.

In June 2017, Libyan Army, General Ahmed al-Mesmari, described Turkey, Qatar and Sudan as the triad of Libya... ... The main of Egyptian Libya is the containment of Islamist and Jihadist militias in Sinai Peninsula to avoid their spread along Western Desert. ..

libya’s economic reforms fall short

September, Government of National Accord The Government of National Accord is the sole internationally-recognised government of Libya, created by December 2015 Libyan Political Agreement and based Tripoli since March 2016. ... Enhance monitoring of the implementation of economic reforms, press..

libya proposal rejected

South African President Jacob Zuma said Sunday the capital, that Libya's leader had endorsed African Union's roadmap for peace. ... By the ouster of the presidents of, Gadhafi lost control of Libya February inspired Egypt and Tunisia, sparked revolt against the autocratic leader.. ..


Taken together Middle East missile arsenal -- divided among such countries as Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Israel and Saudi Arabia -- numbers thousand missiles.. ... Some of the.., building or buying them -- such as Syria, Libya and Iran -- have aided or committed terrorist acts.. ..

u.s. eases economic sanctions on libya

The easing of sanctions imposed in 1986 and 1996 means that oil imports from Libya can resume and that several American oil companies that have assets Libya have been barred from doing business there can resume business... ... Strict controls on exports to Libya will be..

nato threatens gaddafi if libyan violence continues

Because the future of Libya belongs to Libyan people. And it's for the community to assist them with United Nations and Contact group playing leading role... ... Now is the time to create Libya, based on freedom, not fear, democracy not dictatorship, the will of the many not the whims..

civil war clashes erupt in libya

Italian Interior Minister and leader of Lega party, Matteo Salvini has accused France of being responsible for Libya.. ... Currently, Bundeswehr is deployed in countries surrounding Libya, Mali, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, South Sudan and in Mediterranean.. ..

libya’s revolution, u.s. intervention, and the left

Of course, in support of Resolution 1973 preserving the flow of Libyan oil, preventing mass migrations of Libyans to Europe, getting rid of a failed state Libya, and stopping Arab revolution from overthrowing another dictator through its own efforts.. ... The entry of Peninsula Shield force into..

iranians protest film mocking muhammad

The killing of four Americans Libya and there was no Tehran despite the fiery rhetoric. ... Protests over trailer for the movie deriding Islamic prophet as violent sexually deviant exploded Tuesday Egypt and Libya have spread across the region this week. ..

libya: amend new special procedures law

The law appears to violate Libya's Constituent Covenant for Transitional Period, that all Libyans are equal before the law and that they enjoy equal civil and political rights.. ... Libya is state party to the Convention on Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and..

libya: letter to misrata councils

We believe that justice for serious crimes committed, the rule of law, and Libya. ... The vision of the post- Gaddafi Libya was one ensure the protection of the rights of all Libyans, and prosecute those responsible for crimes. ..

lawmakers complain about libya

Those complaints have grown louder and attracted more lawmakers with each passing week of Libya operation. The demand that Obama secure congressional approval to continue Libya operation has brought together House Republicans and Democrats, some of. ..


Russia - Syria - Iraq ...

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