migration in north africa: refugees in libya face

According to IOM, at least 682 migrants have died crossing Mediterranean Sea to Europe since the beginning of the year 426 of those departed from Libya.. ... According to spokesperson for German Foreign Ministry, Berlin is discussion with UNHCR as to whether and how new accommodation options..

civil war in libya: what is russia really up to?

The struggle for power has divided Libya between two major rival factions and inspired Islamist involving Islamic State militant group. ... For Eaton,   Libya is wary of intervention, and it's hard to Prime Minister Sarraj or Field Marshall Haftar acceding to the establishment of..

why interim government supports hifter in libya

To this end, the foreign ministers in both the government,  which supports Libyan National Army and controls the south and east of Libya,  and Government of National Accord,  have conducted tours abroad and met with international officials and diplomats. ... This is in his capacity of acting..

turkey and regional rivals clash in libya

UAE and Egypt, and even countries such as Italy and France, are more invested in the conflict and fighting Libya than Turkey, .. Haftar's on Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Libya Dawn coalition attracted armed support from Sisi's Egypt, and he called on all citizens of Turkey to leave the..

endless war and chaos in libya

On Sunday, Pentagon statement said ue to increased Libya, contingent of US forces are being temporarily relocated from the country... ... International players differ on Libya, some Western and regional states supporting GNA, others for LNA.. ..

u.s. pulls troops as fighting engulfs libya

BENGHAZI, Libya — The United States has withdrawn some of its forces from Libya due to security conditions on the ground, Sunday as Libyan commander's forces advanced toward the capital of Tripoli and clashed with rival militias.. ... U.N for Libya, Ghassan Salame, said U.N..

low expectations, no quarrels and libya accord rescue g7

Urging restraint from all factions, the G7 said Libya’s oil installations should not be used by any group for political gain. “At least there seems to be a good degree of convergence on Libya from the international community,” Italy’s Foreign Minister Enzo Milanesi told reporters. . ..

libya must uphold its obligation to protect women

By increasing acceptance and justification of violence, data on violence against Libya is not documented, 2017 report on public opinion Libya cited poll conducted by International Foundation for Electoral Systems that showed growing violence against women, illustrated. ... According to..

the politics of egyptian migration to libya

The resulting close cooperation between the two states allowed Egyptian community to Libya abolished entry visa requirements in 1971, allowing Egyptians into Libya with card, and the two countries prepared union with Syria order to create the Federal Arab Republic. ... Qaddafi's..

turkey stabilizing libya? think again.

In June 2017, Libyan Army, General Ahmed al-Mesmari, described Turkey, Qatar and Sudan as the triad of Libya... ... The main of Egyptian Libya is the containment of Islamist and Jihadist militias in Sinai Peninsula to avoid their spread along Western Desert. ..


In southern Libya, pro- GNA Southern Protection Force April attacked LNA air base at Tamanhint near Sebha and withdrew. ..

gadhafi regime apparently falls in libya

Early today, people Benghazi, Libya, celebrate Tripoli of Moammar Gadhafi's and apparent, Seif al-Islam. ... Gadhafi's personal guard surrendered to rebel forces, crowds of opposition fighters Tripoli unfurling the flag of pre- Gadhafi Libya and smashing the ruler's portraits... ..

libya proposal rejected

South African President Jacob Zuma said Sunday the capital, that Libya's leader had endorsed African Union's roadmap for peace. ... By the ouster of the presidents of, Gadhafi lost control of Libya February inspired Egypt and Tunisia, sparked revolt against the autocratic leader.. ..

u.s. eases economic sanctions on libya

The easing of sanctions imposed in 1986 and 1996 means that oil imports from Libya can resume and that several American oil companies that have assets Libya have been barred from doing business there can resume business... ... Strict controls on exports to Libya will be..

civil war clashes erupt in libya

Italian Interior Minister and leader of Lega party, Matteo Salvini has accused France of being responsible for Libya.. ... Currently, Bundeswehr is deployed in countries surrounding Libya, Mali, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, South Sudan and in Mediterranean.. ..

libya: amend new special procedures law

The law appears to violate Libya's Constituent Covenant for Transitional Period, that all Libyans are equal before the law and that they enjoy equal civil and political rights.. ... Libya is state party to the Convention on Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and..

lawmakers complain about libya

Those complaints have grown louder and attracted more lawmakers with each passing week of Libya operation. The demand that Obama secure congressional approval to continue Libya operation has brought together House Republicans and Democrats, some of. ..

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